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Catie Keck

Arts, Culture, and Lifestyle Writer

Catie Keck is a New York-based journalist and editor. Her work has appeared at Jezebel, Complex, International Business Times, Huffington Post, New York Magazine, and Rolling Stone, among others.

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Grimes Interviews Tavi Gevinson and It's Chock Full of Awesome Feminist Moments

Rookie founder, fashion mogul, and all-around perfect human being Tavi Gevinson was interviewed by Grimes (real name Claire Boucher) for the latest issue of Interview magazine, and it is wonderful. Both young women are equally ambitious and talented in their own right, and they are linked by...

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Artist Elana Adler's "You Are My Duchess" Series Turns Catcalls Into Awesome Feminist Needlepoint Works Of Art

Few among us revel in the oppressive nature of verbal sexual harassment while commuting (unless you are this person), and one Brooklyn-based artist is reinterpreting her experiences with sexism into artwork that brilliantly explores gender oppressive behaviors. In her series You Are My Duchess,...

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Texas Tech's Phi Delta Theta Stripped of Its Chapter Following "No Means Yes" Banner

The Texas Tech fraternity Phi Delta Theta, self-appointed authority on what constitutes consent, has been stripped of its chapter following an investigation of a “No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal” banner displayed at a party hosted by the fraternity. The investigation was launched after images were...


Catie Keck | Bustle

Catie Keck is a Brooklyn-based writer. Her work has appeared in Rolling Stone, New York Magazine, Whitewall Magazine, and The Huffington Post, among ......

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What Your Zip Code Says About You, From Esri Data Map Charts, Hits the Nail On the Head

In what surely serves as a useful marketing tool for any business looking to target neighborhoods by consumer demographics, big business data analyst Esri has developed an interactive map that summarizes your lifestyle demographic by zip code, AKA it figures out what your zip code says about you....

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Ever Do Something Just So You Can Post About It On Social Media? You're Not Alone

In largely unsurprising but all the same distressing findings from a new study, a third of Americans have done something — anything — just to post it on their social media. So that Swarm check-in at that gallery you didn’t even want to attend? Or that Instagram pic you snapped with...

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How Does Do U.S. Abortion Laws Compare to Other Countries? These Maps Will Tell You All You Want to Know

This week’s legislative ruling that could shutter all of Texas’ remaining seven abortion clinics has reignited the ongoing conversation surrounding women’s reproductive rights on both a national and international level. Over at The Guardian, Liz Ford and Achilleas Galatsidas have compiled...

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Buzzfeed "Before You Start Dating Vs. After You Break Up" Video Pretty Much Nails It

There’s no more universal experience than falling madly in love with someone, subsequently breaking up, and then slowly developing a mutual hatred for one another. In a comical production from everyone’s preferred list generator, Buzzfeed’s “Before You Start Dating Vs. After You Break Up” video...

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Millennials Are Becoming More Hesitant To Get Married, And The Reasons Why Might Surprise You

First comes love, then comes marriage? Not so fast. Surveys show that millennials are becoming more hesitant to say “I do,” with fewer couples choosing to get married before starting families. Nearly half of women under 35 carry out childbirths outside of marriage, reports NPR, and across the...

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New Vaccine "Needle Pill" Is What Nightmares Are Made Of — But Does It Work?

Scared of getting shots? Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have tapped your every nightmare and have made vaccinations possibly even more terrifying by suggesting you ingest a pill covered in protruding needles. Well, sort of.  The Atlantic reports that the idea behind...

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Breakups Are Actually Worse for Women, Reports Most Depressing Study Ever

As if conscious uncoupling needed to become any more unbearable, rest easy knowing that new research shows that breakups are actually worse for women. In a study published by Gallup, researchers reported that stress and substance use among separated or divorced adults is much more commonplace in...

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"Narcissism Today" Tumblr Documents Hilarious Selfies Taken at the Apple Store

Say what you will about our generation, but I don’t think anyone will disagree that Generation Y is inhabited with its fair share of people who are overly concerned by the image they are projecting to the world (ie we are consumed by which Instagram filter conveys the most Beyonce-level...

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Pavlok Wristband Electrocutes You Into Losing Weight, and Now It Has Enough Funding To Come to Market

If weight loss isn’t already enough of a masochistic endeavor, the Pavlok wristband will electrocute you into working out, as Bustle recently reported. And now, Pavlok has raised nearly $65,000 in funding in three days via Indiegogo, because apparently people like the idea of exercising to avoid...

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Feminist Apparel Clothing Company Wants to Keep Misogyny Off the Shelves

It’s no great secret that rape culture and misogyny permeate the fashion industry (à la Dov Charney or Terry Richardson, patron saints of the patriarchal dick club), but one company is joining the ranks of retailers actively working toward change. Nonprofit clothing company Feminist Apparel aims to...

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This Manhattan Apartment Is The Furthest From The Subway, and It Costs How Much??

Finding the perfect apartment in New York City is like trying to find the perfect needle in an overpopulated haystack. And thanks to urban planner Matt Wellington, the brains behind I Quaint NYC, we now have a map of every place you do not want to live, measured by its...